The Aesthetic of Morocco

A few thoughts:

The hum of merchants rising to the desert sunrise, the vibrant world of colour and noise awakens the Moroccan heart. As it beats to the untamed rhythm of the cities, one need simply stare in wonder.

Asilah, Morocco

Here: In daytime we pray through flowers, orange peels in peony shaped waves that crumble like linen.

Below us a seawall tiles of starfish deconstruction in sand with the hamam of the ocean.

A full moon below already inside us now glowing divine twilight.

Phosperescent sisters humming Arabic

The body as lace,

A geranium and how I name it

A clean bed mirrors the mind asleep or awake the record continues,

The flower as messenger

Conquering the Introverted Extrovert

Realise that both sides of the coin are good for you:

This is something that took a long time for me to not only realise but accept. For so long I was worried that I wasn’t socialising and engaging in the world enough. And when I was out, I’d stress about not having enough energy and inevitably ruining my time out.

Thus, after much reflection I actually came to realise that it’s healthy to socialise and it’s healthy to be alone sometimes. And that I shouldn’t feel bad or out of place to be doing either of those things.

Trying to keep up with the Kardashians:

Ok, I’ll be amazed if this doesn’t affect you, because it sure as hell affects me. Our social media channels show us a daily influx of the lifestyle of the rich and the famous and for the rest of us mere muggles, it can be very draining; that we need to be constantly flaunting our wealth in order for society to accept us as having “made it”. This has not gone unnoticed and it has actually been brought light the dangers this notion can have on people; with many influencers and social media-goers started to discuss the issue saying that “Instagram is a highlight reel, not the whole movie”.

The Hustle Movement is not the be-all and end-all:

People come to believe that in order to be successful in life we need to be constantly on-the-go and interacting with people. I’ve written about this previously as I myself, still have moments where I feel like I am not doing enough. The hustle movement is basically the mindset that every waking moment of your time needs to be dedicated to your work or your financial goals. A self-sabotaging concept that can lead to a deprivation of basic human instincts and can make any introvert-inclined person feel like they’re not doing enough.

Personality is dependant on Environment:

Introverts are reserved individuals that prefer to reveal their social sides when they’re in their comfort zones. The difference between this introvert example and someone with extroverted traits is the stimulation they have irrespective of the environment’s coziness. One of the prudent signs you’re in the middle of this personality spectrum is when different moods determine how you relate with friends—even situations outside your comfort zone.  – Diary of an Introvert

You don’t owe anyone anything:

This goes for everyone, not just introverted extroverts. If you know your worth you will naturally attract similar people.


After catching the flu in August it’s fair to say that my little lungs never really recovered from it. After a very rough Christmas and new year both my lung function and weight dropped concerningly low and my Dr suggested that it’s time we looked at a transplant. . I would be lying if I didn’t say that I (and probably my family) had moments where I thought that the year 2020 would be my last. An overwhelming amount of fear resulted in me irrationally crying on my dads shoulder telling him that “I wasn’t ready to die yet”.
That being said he also mentioned a drug that had recently been approved in the US that he was going to try and get for me. Keep in mind my family and I had heard rumblings about this drug already. It was the next best thing to a cure and had been 10 years in the making.

Low and behold after an excruciatingly long 5 week hospital admission of not being able to breathe, walk or eat properly I was given my little pills of hope.
Thus I present to you a new Laura! Within 4 hours of starting my cough was loose. Within 4 days I was breathing easier. And now 2 weeks on I cannot only laugh until I cry but I can also breathe in deep! Something I haven’t been able to do since before my birthday last year! There are no words to describe the feeling of taking a deep breath, stretching parts of your lungs that you thought were long dead and having newly found oxygen travel throughout your body. I am so eternally grateful to vertex Pharmaceuticals, the Alfred hospital and of course my big beautiful family who have been there every step of the way.
Cheers to a future that I can now see.

Trying to Keep up with the Kardashians

All too often I find myself lost in the abyss that is instagram perfection and all to often I find myself feeling drained and almost “unworthy” with a serious case of fomo.

I’ve seen this issue raised in other social media platforms about how we “can’t compare someone’s highlight reel to our own behind the scenes”, but as I live vicariously through the pictures of others and the fashion/ lifestyle influencers of the world I can’t help but feel envious and inferior.

I feel like my life is a perfect example in the sense that I am a very lucky person to have been to the places I have been and see the things I have done. But social media has made such a presence in every day life that my first thought is always “take a picture and post”. I’m not going to lie I almost get angry when this thought surfaces. Am I not privileged enough to just enjoy my time and live in the moment? Why do I feel the need to splash it all over social media?

I inevitably realised that I am contributing to the problem but is that not because I have fallen victim to it and am now trying to live up to these standards?

Please take my advice with a grain of salt but during my years of Instagram and blogging I have learnt to also take the post of others with a grain of salt. What you posted was more than enough as you are under no obligation what so ever to post anything. Photos caption but a second and you get to live and breathe for millions of them.

Feminist Instagram Pages you Need to be Following

March 8 had brought around another celebration of all things female! Politically, socially and economically, women have made advancements in the last century that would make any feminist smile with pride. All over the world women are banding together to promote empowerment and a sense of belonging, and with the ever-growing presence of social media it is easier than ever to be apart of that community.

Here are some of my favourite feminist Instagram accounts that are sure to amuse, inspire and simply delight you:

  • SHE THORITY (@shethority): GROW. EMPOWER. CONNECT. Empowering merch and in depth conversations about identity, overcoming and womanhood in general.


  • Femi Slay (@femislay): This page consists of blog posts, and quotes from inspirational female figures from around the world


  • The Everygirl (@theverygirl): One of my all time favourite pages! Basically the ultimate place for all things creative and/or career-driven women. Also packed with some awesome recipes, travel tips and ways to achieve all-round wellness.


  • Our Shared Shelf (@oursharedshelf): Started by living queen Emma Watson, OSS is a feminist bi-monthly book club to discuss all things empowering.