Where to Find the Best Almond Croissants in Melbourne

We all know where to find the best chocolate and butter croissants in Melbourne, they’re about as French as they are Aussie by this point. But what about the Almond Croissant? The underrated younger sibling is by far and away my favourite type of croissant, from the powdery tops to the sweet filling and crunch of almonds. These are (in my opinion) the cafes in Melbourne who host the best almond croissants!

The Kettle Black Cafe: Gotta start with the faves! These guys are my number 1 go to for the perfect almond croissant. Run by The Darling Group, they also have great coffees! https://darlinggroup.com.au/venues/thekettleblack/

Black Cat Cafe: I think what puts these guys on the list is also the atmosphere of their cafe which of course improves their croissants! A 35 year-old cafe and beer garden based in Fitzroy, they also boast an array of art from some of Melbourne’s best local artists. https://www.blackcatfitzroy.com/

Lune Croissants: I don’t think these dudes need to much of a description, there’s a reason they’re the one-stop-shop for croissants in probably the whole state. https://www.lunecroissanterie.com/

Clement Coffee: Situated in the bustle of the South Melbourne Market, Clement have somehow mastered the perfect ratio between crunch to gooey ratio. https://clementcoffee.com/

Trillium Cafe: Maybe it’s because these guys are walking distance from my office. My only critique is there short operating hours in lockdown which let’s face it, Dan that’s on you http://trilliumsouthmelb.com/

Monforte Viennoiserie: These guys (I don’t know how they did it), but have nailed the sweet to savoury kick which i bloody LOVE! With their almond croissants wreathed with fat flakes of sea salt it truely is something to behold. https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/carlton-north/shops/monforte-viennoiserie

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