Hair extensions… the new go-to

All too often my Instagram feed appeared to be mocking me with girls who had long flowy and most importantly HEALTHY hair and while I have a tendency to preach about how Instagram is just a “highlight reel” of an individuals life, I must confess that more often than not I too succumb to the beauty standards that social media continues to force down our throats. Thus, after countless vitamins and different shampoos I decided that the best course of action was fake it till you make it. I had heard very mixed reviews about hair extensions over the course of my life so was a bit hesitant at first. Turns out like everything, the number 1 tip is research.

After searching high and low across every single salon in Melbourne, I finally discovered the place for me. I was absolutely amazed at how fast the whole process was and how invisible my real hair was. Fast forward a few months and I seamlessly have the hair of my dreams and a new level of confidence i didn’t even know I had!

But be warned, the first few days are no easy feat. While I was tossing my hair over my shoulder to every poor soul who passed me, I did notice in the first hour the beginning of what I though was just a very poorly timed headache. As it turns out, my scalp was not approving of my luscious locks and the new weight that they carried. Later that night I found myself guzzling down a few Panadol and trying to find the least painless position for my head on the pillow. If only I had been made privy to the discomfort I would endure over the next two days. But I slowly developed a routine and a tolerance to my new-found fibers by conducting the following:

  • Flip your head upside down and hold for 30-60 seconds
  • Sleep with your hair out for the first night, and then in a single braid down the back on the second
  • For the love of god DON’T KEEP TOUCHING IT!!!
  • Tilt your head in multiple directions so your roots can get used to the wait
  • Use a smoothing serum

Much to my surprise getting hair extensions turned out to be much more than just a one-time trip to the salon. It actually required a little bit of a lifestyle change. I had to actually start looking after my hair a bit more. This meant not letting it air-dry, more frequent brushing and using as much detangler as I would holy water. But I can confidently say that i have absolutely NO RAGRETS! If this is something you’ve been considering I highly recommend going for it. Do your research, make the investment, be prepared for a slight lifestyle change and enjoy.

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