Best Apps to use in Isolation

This is a tough time for everyone there’s no denying that. But desperate times do call for desperate measures and just because we are all stuck in quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak doesn’t mean we get to slack off. (Ok we do a little bit). Perhaps it’s my new found motivation since being on Trikafta… or perhaps it’s because I’m stuck at home with nothing else to do… or it could simply be my narcissistic personality shining through as I pretend to be a tip-top person. Nevertheless, as I have nothing better to do i decided to try and improve my exercise regime. I don’t have enough will power to do it on my own so I bless modern technology and use apps. Here are some of my favourites fitness apps that I have been using even pre-isolation:

  • Keep It Cleaner: Praise be this app! These girls turned me around. Prior to getting sick I used their HIIT routines and even though they were brutal they were bearable because I had Laura and Steph encouraging me along the way. They have so many different variations of exercise from yoga, to pilates, to boxing, HIIT sessions as well as meditation exercises, this app has it all. They also give you a food plan for the week with so many different meals which are absolutely delicious yet so so healthy. If you’re going to try any app…let it be this one.
  • Asana Rebel: I actually downloaded this app a few years ago after my new years resolution was to become more flexible. Little did I know that there was so much more to this app including high intensity workouts as well as core strengthening and mediation. The app is divided into 5 sections: Exercise, sleep, nutrition, meditation and music for focus. The beauty of these guys is it reminds you to do the little things like drink a glass of water or breathe in deep. They also have weekly challenges that relate to both fitness and diet.
  • Nike: I had this bad-boy when i used to be a little fit bit. It’s handy for those of you who still wanna get out of the house and up your step count. The Nike Run Club tracks your KM’s via GPS for a VERY detailed analysis of your route as well as tips on how you can improve.
  • Smiling Mind: During these troubling times, it is more important than ever to keep our mental strength every bit as strong as our physical strength. Made by professional psychologists and educators in an effort to bring mindfulness into ones life, Smiling Mind is perfect for those who seek relaxation, enlightenment, or simply want to give meditation a go.

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