In the Limelight: Game of Thrones S8

Ok so, I actually wasn’t going to write a review for the final season to Game of Thrones because contrary to popular belief, I didn’t actually mind the last season and disagree with a lot of the hoopla. But, one of my brothers insisted so here goes…

So here’s the thing, I actually don’t see how this show could’ve been done any differently. If they did more episodes then yeah maybe but overall, my only real dislike about the season was the fact that Arya killed the Night King. (I think we can all agree that Jon should’ve done that one.) Anyway, other than that I wasn’t too fussed with how it all concluded because I honestly couldn’t see it ending any other way. It was well acted, well directed and inevitable well written.

I guess the main issue I have with all the uproar about it it the issue so many people had with Daenarys being killed off. I feel like this had been something that the show had been pushing for a few seasons. It had been made clear that if it hadn’t been for Tyrion whispering in her ear she would have destroyed slavers bay and “return it to the dirt”. They also pushed this idea when her and Jon first met. She was reluctant to help him defeat the army of the dead if he didn’t bend the knee, which was a fight that benefited her as well. From when her brother died, right up until the end the writers had hinted subtly at the idea that the only thing that interested her was Iron Throne which in the second last episode became clear.

Branching off from this I also take issue with the comparison people kept making between Sansa and Daenerys. A lot of people seemed disappointed by the fact that Sansa survived while Daenerys fell and a lot seemed to claim that neither character deserved that ending. I even saw a post that while Daenerys lost everything (life, lover, children, etc.) Sansa got exactly what she wanted………… Seriously?? This is where I have my biggest beef because this is so offensive to the character that is Sansa Stark and everything she went through.

When Dany first met Jon, she explained to him how she “had been sold like a brood mare, chained, betrayed, raped and defiled”, and a lot of people used this quote when she died because it had somehow been an injustice to her. Meanwhile, so many people forgot that Sansa went through every bit of trauma that Daenerys did as well. Abused by Joffery, sold to the Boltons, betrayed by Littlefinger, raped by Ramsay and tormented by Cersei. She went through every bit of horror and suffering that Dany went through and throughout it all remained good, kind and generous. She remained loyal to the North and only wanted what was best for her people. In contrast to this it was clear that overtime Dany’s perception of what was “good” became wildly misconstrued and almost selfish.

Overall, I do believe that Dany’s death is justified and while I understand why people aren’t happy about it, there wasn’t really another way. I agree in the sense that the last season did feel rushed but at the same time, believe that they did relatively well with what they had.

And now our watch has ended.

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