Why the Hustle Movement isn’t for Everyone

Over the years, social media has given way to many fads and online #trends. But one movement that has particularly struck my interest over the past few months is that of the “hustle movement (or culture if you will)”. The hustle movement is basically the mindset that every waking moment of your time needs to be dedicated to your work or your financial goals… In other words a workaholic x100.

When I was first presented with the idea I thought it was actually quite motivating. Shouldn’t we all work harder to achieve our goals? It wasn’t until later that I realised that this whole notion actually had the potential to be quite toxic. Maybe it was because I delved deeper into the idea, or maybe it was because the concept had started to take a different turn, I’m not sure. But it wasn’t before long that I started noticing some of the hashtags that were associated with #hustle and #grind. These included #outwork, #endlesspositivity and #whoneedssleep….Ummmm I DO!!!!

New York Times author Erin Griffith sums it up perfectly: “It is obsessed with striving, relentlessly positive, devoid of humor, and — once you notice it — impossible to escape.”

This was the moment where I noticed that this whole hustle culture thing had shifted drastically from applauding hard work to encouraging both food and sleep deprivation. Oh and it also required you to stay positive throughout the whole expedition regardless of what was going on in the outside world. My appreciation for the new profound hustle culture died within seconds.

Allow me to point out what is wrong here. I think any normal human who undertook this new pop-culture concept (or fad) would crash hard and fast both physically and mentally. There are some of us (particularly those such as myself who suffer from very debilitating diseases) who need rest in order to not only thrive but also survive (rhyme not intended). I need my food and the occasional nap to keep my sanity as well as be in a better mood all round which in turn benefits those around me. Believe it or not, I also need to bawl my eyes out occasionally due to the simple fact that life isn’t always fair and easy.   When I was first introduced to the whole idea of “hustle and grind” idea, I immediately felt like I wasn’t doing enough. That I wasn’t working long enough or hard enough. It made me feel inferior and that I wasn’t reaching my full potential. It took quite some time for me to realise that the pace I’m living at is perfectly fine and I actually am doing all the right things.

I am of the opinion to work smarter not harder. Time management is key. When you actually need to work within your hours then yeah do your hustle thing, but don’t bring it home with you, don’t deprive yourself of happiness and DO NOT deprive yourself of your mental and physical health. There is so much more to life than your financial status and if you are “hustling day and night”, then by default, you are doing something wrong.

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