We’re Only Human

WARNING: Potentially Unpopular Opinion

Humans are predisposed to reflexively put the blame and hate on someone else. Whenever something goes wrong or not quite as planned, the last thing a person wants to do is admit that they are the ones at fault (whether this may be the case or not). Furthermore, people have a tendency to either forget or ignore the affects that blame and hate can have on a person.

Allow me to paint a picture the current president of the United States is Donald Trump. Before I get into this I want to highlight that I am not a fan of the Trump administration and my knowledge on American politics is very slim. Now, I am aware of some of the things Trump has said and done, but I am also aware of the way in which some people have reacted to it. While people should certainly defend their rights in regards to some of the things he has said, I have never and will never condone hatred towards a persons personal life and their character. A lot of people seem to dislike this man purely because of his name. In addition to this, his sons, his daughter and his wife have definitely copped their fair share of heat e.g. the most recent attack on the First Lady for her choice of Christmas tree colour… (seriously!?!?! In the words of Peter Giffin “Who the hell cares?” It comes down to personal taste and while it’s ok for you to not be a fan of it, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t speak). Trump has also been attacked for his appearance, and quite simply speaking.

I feel like most politicians tend to cop it due to the decision that them and THEIR POLITICAL PARTY MAKE (emphasis on the fact that most jobs and decisions about anything are not made by one individual person). But most people forget that these people are still just that… people. Donald Trump, Theresa May, Scott Morrison, they are all just one person. One human just like you and me, and like many of us are fathers/mothers, brothers/sisters and sons/daughters. They hurt just like we do and are passionate just as we are and simply because they are in a position of power, people see them as someone to blame or direct their unhappiness about something. They are just trying to do their job as best as they seem fit just as we do when we go to work.

This concept of blame can extend from global politics into everyday life. From authoritative figures (such as doctors, teachers, even parents), to people in our day-to-day lives we are all only human and we are all just trying our best to get through and I assure you kindness goes a lot further than hate and bitterness.


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